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Personalized Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Why choose Levolution?


To build a solid foundation of health and longevity with strength training, consistent movement, and reinforced habits. Hear what people are saying about training with us. 

Steven Rattner, Chairman/CEO, NYC 

"I worked with Fran for nearly three years, and in that time he kept me working hard and effectively. I appreciated how he accurately gauged workouts for my wife and I, and accommodated our schedules when plans changed. As someone who takes pride in staying active into my later years, I owe a big part of that to Fran's intelligent programming. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach."

Tiffany Dyba, Recruiter/Consultant, NY

"At first I wasn't sure if strength training would help me because of my age and the medication that I'm on. But now, I feel so good about myself and staying the course, and Fran has really helped me consistently get stronger and push past my comfort zone. He's the BEST! 

Daily Guerrero, Legal Assistant, CO

Fran is a terrific trainer! When I first started exercising with Fran I was working long hours at my job and got dizzy when I exercised.  But Fran designed a fitness plan that incrementally helped me get comfortable with working out. I got excited by seeing myself grow a little stronger each week. I highly recommend him.
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